The World Nexus club was founded in January of 2016 with a very simple, yet dynamic, goal of creating a diverse community of students and young experts from different intellectual and national backgrounds. The club’s original founders, Matteo Laruffa, Andrew Tabash, Alaa Abu Hanna and others, met in Barcelona, during the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates. At the summit, they noticed that individual views and interpretations about current world affairs could be expanded, critiqued, and interpreted more fully due to the diverse group of people stemming from a broad range of interdisciplinary studies and nationalities. When they returned to Italy and sought to create an organization that could foster this environment.

World Nexus is not associated with any individual university, yet undoubtedly can be considered an informal academic setting. The club typically meets 2 times a month and discusses one topic/development per meeting.

Although the club is centred around international affairs/relations, the founders envision the community members to be from a multitude of different academic backgrounds (political science, economics, business, philosophy, etc.) to facilitate new and stimulating dialogue. World Nexus organizes private meetings with Ambassadors and leaders.

World Nexus is also an excellent networking tool, allowing for students to make new colleagues and friends from all over the world while furthering their own academic interests and goals. Going forward, the club will start to host cultural events such as museum tours, dinners, and a variety of other activities to allow members time to socialize and form real relationships that will hopefully last longer than their time in Rome/WNC.

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